Fish In Waikiki

Hawaiian Fish

The waters around the coast are home to various types of fish. Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Aku, Ono, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Kawakawa, and Spearfish are common fish, you will often come across in menus of seafood restaurants in the coastline. Fishing in our costs is bound to give you an experience of a lifetime, with its diverse marine life and beautiful coastline.

Ahi the Yellowfin Tuna

A highly-prized fish for its appetizing meat! Excellent for sushi, and cooking. Yellow fish are often sought after by those who are looking for a fishing experience rich in the game because they are fighters! The two dorsal fins and the bright yellow little fins are the most recognizable characteristic of the Ahi fish and have given them their name. Ahi means fire in Hawaiian.

Aku the Skipjack Tuna

The Skipjack Tuna tastes like Mackerel, with its oily and dark flesh. Though the fish does not put up much of fight while fishing, its soft jaw tissues make it a hard catch.

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin are often called the fishermen’s dream. This beautiful fish is often the most challenging catch that fishermen encounter off the Waikiki shores. Known to be strong fighters, the fish put up a never-ending fight that requires much strength and adrenaline in the fishermen. The largest reported Blue Marlin, an 1805lb fish was caught off the shores of Oahu.

Mahi Mahi the Dorado

Also known as the Dolphin Fish, they are easily recognizable due to the little hump on their head. They are colorful fish, who are mostly famous for their tasteful flesh. Mahi Mahi and Hawaii are often linked together due to the prominence it has in the local dishes. Catching Mahi Mahi is one of the many thrills that our excursions offer. As their name suggests, these fish are quite the acrobats!

Ono the Wahoo

Ono are often caught through luring. Though these fish are related to Mackerel, they prefer to hang out on their own, unlike other mackerels. Their slender, streamlined structure and tube-like body help them to move swiftly and through nets easily. As the name suggests they are delicious!


These fish are quite rare in Hawaiian waters but are reportedly caught off the Waikiki shores. With their vibrant blue fins that reminds of a peacock, the fish is one of the most sought after fish by fishermen looking for an exciting fishing experience. The fish is quite the jumper and leaps massively once it is landed. The lucky anglers who land sailfish are often looked up to by other sports fishermen.

Striped Marlin

The stunning blue stripes on the fish has given him the name! These stripes appear more defined when the fish is excited or fighting the lure of the fishermen. The pointed high dorsal fin is the most significant characteristic that fishermen use to identify it in the blue waters.
In Hawaii, these acrobatic Marlin schools are often found during winter. Though these fish are not too big and weighing from 25-125 lbs., the fight they put up in the catching is quite a handful. They are caught by luring, using live and dead bait and also bait and switching methods.

Spearfish the short bill marlin

These fish are known to be uncommon in all waters, yet if you are lucky you will be able to lure them into your fishing nets as they are easily excited and aggressively attacked fishing lures. Spearfish weigh from 20-60 lbs. and are available throughout the year.

Mackerel Tuna the Kawakawa

These medium sized fish are an exciting catch as they are quite aggressive with luring. Being the most common Tuna in the Atlantic, the fishing schools are large and quite active and fast. Their striped back and silver bellies are the distinguishing feature.
Bonito are medium sized fished that strike hard. They are found all over the globe and are a fun fish to catch.
Once a school of Bonito is aroused they will easily attack fishing lures, and this makes the fishing sport all the more exciting.

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